Onto the next one …

After twelve years of working towards a more informed and engaged society, we are moving on to work on that mission through other means. We thank our partners for their trust and dedication in creating smart and beautiful work together.

And to all team members through the years: Aaron Carámbula, Amir Tawfik, Blake Olmstead, Dan Shin, Dominic Dorin, Elliot Arthur, Emma White, Greg Gazdowicz, Holly LaDue, Houman Momtazian, Jessica Wilson, John Lunn, Kirk Pettinga, Kuan Luo, Lizzie Kumaria, Mark Silver, Matt Ell, Nicole Kwan Leighton, Ryan Schoenherr, Sam Gray, Sumarty Schiffer, Travis Eby, and Zack Seuberling, as well as our many collaborators: Thank you.

David Jalbert-Gagnier

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