If cities and towns across the country are to thrive in the decades ahead, the detailed, parcel-level data that community groups, planners and government agencies collect needs to be transformed.

When three eager technologists were embedded in the Detroit city government as part of their Code for America fellowship, they knew they had their work cut out for them.

  1. 1They saw Detroit as the vast sprawling city.
  2. 2Looking for the best opportunities to use technology.
  3. 3Outdated surveys providing inadequate data for informed decisions, was a major issue.
  4. 4Surveying was a time and resources-intensive process involving paper forms, content-entry errors and many months to plot an area.

They saw Detroit, the vast sprawling city, and the outdated surveys providing inadequate data for informed decisions, as a major issue.



We worked with LocalData’s team to streamline the visual communication of their offering. The fully configureable nature of the product and its emphasis on geolocation technology is revealed in the compass arrow icon, which was inspired by the Tinker Toys from our youth, embodying the spirit of a set of tools with limitless possibilities. The elemental color set further emphasizes the simplicity that is at the core of the value proposition.

The LocalData Wordmark

We further helped the team design a product interface with an emphasis on clear and bold information communication, highlighting key data points with large and crisp typography.

  • Local Data Tool Login Page
  • Local Data Tool Landing Page
  • Local Data Survey Dashboard
  • Local Data Neighborhood Map page


The same logic applies to design of other communication, such as the website, where data points explain how Local Data has already helped a host of other cities, from Lynn, Massachusetts, to Gary, Indiana.

  • Local Data Homepage
  • Local Data Action Page
  • Local Data Story Page
LocalData Stationery

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