What happens when creative people are involved in shaping solutions to the issues we face as a society?

practice areas

Since 2007, we’ve worked with organizations in four key sectors that shape the ideas and interactions we have with one another.

policy & civic sector





We believe that involving design thinking to tackle complex questions can yield more dynamic, trusting, and accountable communities. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Vision & goals setting
  • Brand architecture analysis
  • Policy brainstorms
  • Team structure analysis
  • Guides & how-to handbooks
  • Workshop design & facilitation
  • Community engagement


  • Content, communications, & visual identity auditing
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Journey mapping
  • User persona definition
  • Comparative analysis
  • Network mapping
  • Brand positioning


  • Visual & digital design
  • Experience & wayfinding design
  • Content strategy
  • Sitemapping
  • Information architecture
  • Messaging development
  • Brand guidelines creation


  • Wireframing
  • Front-end & back-end development
  • Responsive development
  • Accessible development
  • Print & physical production oversight
  • Video production


We are a civic-minded group with a flexible skill set that can solve a range of challenges.

Since the start of Objective Subject, we’ve worked with some talented people. Gone, but not forgotten a few of our fellow co-workers:

  • Aaron Carámbula @carambula, Facebook

  • Emma White @nodilemma, Portal A

  • Sam Gray @samrgray, BlenderBox

  • Kuan Luo @kuanluo, Elpha

  • Blake Olmstead @blakeolmstead, Atlas Obscura

  • Zack Seuberling @zackseuberling, Rumors

  • Mark Silver @markdsilver, The New York Times

  • Dan Shin @dan_shin, Square
  • Houman Momtazian, Ongoing Projects
  • Elliot Arthur @elliotarthur
  • Ryan Schoenherr, Local Projects


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